Find an ecoPRO

John Albers, EPC – Albers Vista Gardens
Benjamin Amidon, EPC – Olympic School District
Meg Angevine, ISA, EPC – City of Redmond
Brad Ashwell, EPC – Lewis & Clark University
Will Bailey, CLT, CLP, ISA , EPC – Signature Landscape Services
Wade Bartlett, CLT, EPC – Rock Solid Landscapes
Tracey Bernal, CLT, EPC
Jessica Bloom, CPH , EPC – NW Bloom Eco-Logical Landscapes
Nick Blue, CLT, EPC – Titan Landscaping
Van Bobbitt, ISA , EPC – South Seattle Community College
Robert Boyker , EPC – Avid Landscape Design
Debbie Caffall, CPH , EPC
Peggy Campbell, EPC –  Snohomish County
Mike Carey, CLT, EPC – City of Tacoma
Jeff Carroll, CLT, EPC – Jefferson Landscaping
Richard Casey, EPC – Casey’s Landscaping
Everett Chu, CPH, EPC – Azusa Farm & Gardens
Gordon Clark, CPH, EPC – Clark Horticultural
Ash Cox, ECP – Washington State Capitol
Bart Davis, CLT, EPC – Davis Landscape, LLC
Barbara DeCaro, EPC – Seattle Parks
Diana Dauble, EPC
Kate Easton, CPH, EPC – Garden Vision, Inc.
Luba Fetterman, EPC – Harmonia Landscapes
Guy Feldman, EPC – Jefferson Landscaping
Chloe Flora, ECP – Lews & Clark University
Gretchen Fowler, EPC – Molbaks Home + Garden
Steven Gregory, CPH, ISA, EPC
Craig Hamburg, ISA, EPC – City of Tacoma
Mary Harrison, ECP – Washington State Capitol
Joseph Haskett, CPH, EPC – Total Landscape Corporation
Anna Heckman, ISA, EPC – Certified Arborist
Richard Hedahl, CLT, EPC – Hedahl Landscape
Jack Hopkins, EPC – Be Green Landscapes
Ian Horton, EPC –
Working Landscapes, PLLC
Arthur Job, EPC – Job’s Nursery
Jana Johnson, EPC – Signature Landscape Services
Philomena Kedziorski, CPH , EPC – WSU Snohomish County
Janaki Kilgore, EPC – Wonder – Flora Landscape Design
Dan Kirschner, EPC – Washington State Capitol
Zac Kopra, EPC –
NW Bloom – Ecological Landscapes
Kimberly Leeper, EPC – Mariposa Naturescapes
Becki Koukal Leibe, CPH, EPC –
Seattle University Grounds Department
Jeff Leonard, CPH , EPC
Wendy Lomme, EPC – Akina Designs
Lucas Lusier, CLT, EPC – The Grounds Professional
Dustin Madden, CLT, EPC – Plantscapes
Don Marshall, CPH , EPC – Lake Washington Institute of Technology
Kryssie Maybay, EPC – Sublime Garden Design
Brad L Miller, CLT, ISA, EPC – Ragen & Associates
Matt Miller, EPC – Hedahl Landscape
Janice Murphy, CPH, EPC – Seattle University Grounds Department
Donald Norman, EPC – Go Natives! 
Janine Ordway, EPC – City of Seattle
Robert Orr, CPH, EPC – Rainier, LLC
Zsofia Pasztor, CPH , EPC – Innovative Landscape Technologies
Nancy Penrose, EPC – Big Trees
Bill Peregrine, EPC – Earthdance Organics
Rodney Pond, EPC – Edmonds Community College
Lisa Port, APLD , EPC – Banyon Tree Design
Megan Pulkkinen, CPH, EPC – Megan Pulkkinen Landscape Design
Tim Putenam, EPC – Lewis & Clark University
Rebecca Robinson, EPC – Robinson Landscape Design, Inc.
Nina Roscow , EPC – WSDOT
Kris Saulsbury, CLT , EPC – Tongue Point Job Corps
Tim Scherschel, CLT, ISA, EPC – Jefferson Landscaping
Patrick Schwartzkopf, EPC – Pacific Landscape Management
Steven Shook, ISA, EPC – City of Tacoma
Heidi Skievaski, CPH, EPC – Sublime Garden Design
Jim Skinner, EPC – Washington State Capitol
Gregory Smaus, CPH, EPC – Rock Solid Landscapes, LLC / Native Root Designs
Ladd Smith , EPC – In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes
Suzie Spencer, EPC – Lewis & Clark University
Christopher Strader, EPC
Celena Starks, EPC – Signature Landscape Services
Katherine Taylor, CPH, EPC – Tree Solutions, Inc
Randall Taylor, EPC – Robert W. Droll Architect PS
Jeremy Thomson, EPC – Nature’s Gate Landcare
Anna Thurston, EPC – Botanical Resources, Inc.
Barrett Tripp, CPH, EPC – University of Puget Sound
Kim Turner, EPC – Essential Gardeners, LLC
Jerry Vandecouvering, EPC – Lewis & Clark University
Tatyana Vaschenko, EPC
Troy Warnick, EPC – Olympia School District
Ray Willard, PLA, EPC – WSDOT
Amanda Wilson, EPC – Lewis & Clark University
Karen Wolfgang, EPC – Independence Gardens

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