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Here are useful tools and resources to help you manage and promote your ecoPRO Certification.

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As an ecoPRO Training Partner, your organization can support and help to advance the ecoPRO program objectives to design, build and maintain healthy, beautiful and sustainable landscapes throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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For Homeowners and Gardeners

As a homeowner or gardener, you have a major role to play in building a sustainable landscape. Put your love into practice by implementing these four essential practices for a sustainable landscape.

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    • Get your plants right
      The type of plants you choose are very important for the future of your landscape. Before you make up your mind on the plants to use, consider availability of good soil, shade, water and wind patterns. Ensure that your plants beyond beauty are resistant to pests and diseases.
    • Soil is king
      The quality of soil can make or break your landscape. Healthy soil is one that has all the components that your plant needs for optimal growth. Help it along with compost, mulch and organic fertilizers.
    • Plant in style
      The beauty of planting is to see your seeds bloom all healthy and well-spaced out. Make sure you plant at the proper depth and width to ensure optimal root development.
    • Prepare for irrigation
      Make the water needs of your plants a priority and water them constantly for proper development. As they approach development, make sure you water deeply and less often for healthy and deeper roots.Embrace technology and efficiency by employing the drip irrigation system and rain sensors to help you meet the watering needs effectively.

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